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  • sallam


    When we click the number digits next to any given post in manage posts page, and we are taken to the page listing all comments to that particular post, we are given only 3 choices:

    [ Edit – Delete – Unapprove ]

    Now, if we want to mark the comment as spam, to let Akismet know about it, we have to click ‘edit’ then in the new page we select ‘spam’ from the bottom. This is too much clicking, specially when you are faced with tens of spam comments.
    Can someone please show me how to edit the wordpress files so as to add ‘spam’ to the selections in the manage comments page? I need them to be:

    [ Spam – Edit – Delete – Unapprove ]

    Or, better still, to add a small box to mark next to each comment, then select from a menu, at bottom of page, which action to take, including ‘spam’, (probably with a button to toggle all comments as marked to use in case of heavy spamming) just like in phpmyadmin. Is that possible please?

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