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  • I made a .wmv file video I want to play on my website, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed it into the page. The file size was too big to upload via WordPress’s file uploaded, so I ftp’d it to my uploads folder.

    I tried a few of the video player plugins but they all seem outdated or I can’t figure out how to actually make the player show up.

    Basically I want something where I paste my link into a box and then hit “insert video” and it shows up embedded in my page or something similar to that.

    Is there a plugin that does this? (Free or paid okay) A way to do this within wordpress I’m not aware of maybe? )

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • Im sorry if this is really basic and if youve already tried it, but when you create a post or a page, there should be a little icon about the text box that looks like a piece of film. This is where you add a video…at the top of the box that opens you can select, “From URL” and use the URL from where you uploaded your video via ftp. Hope that helps.

    Yeah, tried that unfortunately – it inserts a link to my video, but doesn’t embed the video itself.

    But I do appreciate the response! Most of my questions here go completely unanswered, lol.

    I am using this plugin Viper’s Video Quicktags that will add icons on the editor so that I can upload video using ftp.

    in root I create a folder and upload videos in the folder
    and when asked about url in box
    I add

    that will a short code [ ] brackets and url

    haha yea i hear that…i have an issue going totally ignored as we speak…one other thing you might want to try is to just copy and paste an embed code from youtube or something other site into your page, then look for where the actual url to the youtube video is and replace it with the url to your video. also just try google searching for video embed codes…i would think that codes to embed videos are pretty standard with a url to the video itself somewhere in the code. best of luck!

    direct video embedding only works for certain services in WP without a plugin

    +1 for vipers video quicktags, works great for me

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, this is a new record for replies on a forum thread for me 🙂

    I tried viper’s video quicktags, for the life of me could not get it to work, also tried converting my videos to SWF and using a few different WP plugin FLV players, still no luck. I don’t know if maybe it is my server settings or if maybe I’m just “user challenged” when it comes to videos.

    So, I have resolved this issue by subscribing to a paid video hosting service…not what I wanted to do, but seems like the best solution for me right now.



    Similar problem

    I would like to embed a video to wordpress site. I have tried adding the video but it inserts a link( on the post to my video, but doesn’t embed the video itself. I dont want to use Youtube to create an embed. How do i go about this?



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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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