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  • How do you add PDR files to the newly updated wordpress ? None of the old threads on this subject are relevant any longer since those buttons don’t exist.

    How do you change the size of the gallery images (or are they fixed at one small size ?)

    My site is


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  • See Using_Image_and_File_Attachments.

    those buttons don’t exist

    Just use the Add media button when editing a Post or Page.

    How do you change the size of the gallery images

    Galleries use the default thumbnail whose dimensions are configured in Settings -> Media. If you change the dimensions via Settings -> Media, you will also need to install and use to re-size previously uploaded images.

    Well, first of all settings>media doesn’t take you to any setttings that will alter the GALLERY image size settings. So could you look at that again, please ?

    The Add media button does not provide for adding PDF’s. I have tried adding them just like a jpeg but nothing happens.

    Would you mind looking at these two points again please, and giving specific instructions as to how to get them to work ?


    The default WordPress gallery uses the thumbnail dimensions specified in Settings -> Media.

    The Add media button does not provide for adding PDF’s.

    I’m sorry but it does.

    okay well then, step by, step, how do I add a PDF file using the media button ?

    So, esmi says it’s possible but doesn’t give instructions as to HOW it’s possible.

    There are no instructions anywhere on wordpress to help – everything is out of date by years.

    Could someone please give me step by step instructions as to how to add a PDF file using the new media manager please ?

    Thank you

    Moderator cubecolour


    Its not really any different to adding anything else using the media uploader

    • In your post or page, put the cursor where you want the link to your pdf to appear
    • press the [ add media ] button
    • Select the [ Upload Files ] Tab
    • Drag the pdf file into the drop area
    • Enter the Title
    • Select Link to [ Media File ] under Attachment Display Settings
    • Click [ Insert into Page ]
    • Save the page<
    • /ul>

    I havent been able to determine if you can create a gallery of pdf files or any media types other than images. I would like to present them as downloads in a grid format on the front end and use the media gallery for selecting and ordering the pdf files for download.

    Is it only images supported?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Please start your own post per forum welcome. Your question has nothing to do with the original post.

    I am new to WP? I am trying to upload pdf files to a page using the media uploader. I followed @cubecolour’s steps but doesn’t seem to work. It leaves it as a blank page on the site. Is there anything to do with the URL link that does not direct to the upload file?
    I’ll appreciate your help.
    With thanks

    Having the same problem. PDFs just won’t load. I get a blank page with the text “page not available” or Error — HTTP Error. It also won’t load images on my primary computer. But it will upload images on my work computer since fixing the theme. Assuming that the problem is with just this one computer, I’ve tried clearing IE and disabling all the add ons. No luck. Any other ideas what it might be that’s blocking my ability to upload pdfs? This is a critical capability for my site. Thanks.



    I get an error adding a pdf file via the media button. Error CustomerWate…port2012.pdf Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. It doesn’t show in the gallery. I have the current to date WP but am using Nimbus Opus theme.



    Can you replicate the problem using the default Twenty Twelve theme with all plugins deactivated?



    Haven’t tried. So deactivate Opus and all plugins?






    That worked. Do I have to turn on plugin one by one? Not use Opus? or just activate everything on after I get my downloads in a post?

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