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  1. GrimmTrixX
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok so I decided Buddy press isnt for me. I love the Parament theme for wordpress and its not compatible with it. I decided to do my forums using Simple press and it looks/works amazingly well. The problem is... I dont have a structure for a login system. I want people to make profiles on my site and be able to use the forums. Thats literally all I need to do and my site can be ready to go.

    The problem is, I am not sure what to use. I assume simple press goes by a login system since it automatically knew my name was GrimmTrixX on my site http://www.grimmtrixx.com without me adding it in. So it seems as though if I figure out a members login setup that I'd be all set.

    So where should I start? Is buddypress the best and so im screwed? Or are there other login programs so can get members?

  2. @mercime
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    BuddyPress is not a forum plugin. It is a social networking plugin which includes bundled bbPress group forums and is compatible with bbPress plugin. To make your WordPress theme compatible with BP, you need to install and activate BP Template Pack plugin and go through dashboard menu > Appearance > BP Compatibility process.

    Both BuddyPress, bbPress and SimplePress are WordPress plugins. So unless otherwise configured, your users need only to log into your WordPress installation to access BuddyPress network, bbPress forums or SimplePress forums.

  3. GrimmTrixX
    Posted 3 years ago #

    well i tried buddypress and bb forums and the theme i want wasnt compatible at all the the ones that were looked like crap so i scrapped it. I love simple press's forums so im sticking with that.

    Now i just need to find a plugin or some kind of add on that allows people to login and become members to my site. Certainly buddypress cannot be the only game in town for this. I know it'd basically make people have a wordpress.org account but even so.

    If theres a way to add it to my site so they can do it from there, thus allowing them to add comments to articles/posts and to write in the forums then that is ALL i need to get my site in the working order I want. Thanks for the reply! Keep em coming!

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