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    I have a very simple question: how to add a one line of text that says “this website is running the xyz plugin that was developed by John Doe”


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  • Look at the WordPress Default theme’s footer wp-content/themes/default/footer.php for an example

    Umm… thanks for the suggestion but what I don’t want to modify the theme.

    My users install my plugin on their WP installation. I want to have an attribution link to my site. How can I attach it so that no matter which theme the user has my link appears below the footer.

    I hope that is clear, it should be really simple except i am a total newbie 🙁 Thanks!

    I’m hoping to make an add_actio() call to something…


    There’s wp_footer but if I understand it, unless the theme author hooks into that, not sure what you can do.

    Um… 🙁 its not abt the theme

    There’s gotta be a simple way for me as the plugin developer to be able to hook into it?

    check out Platinum SEO Plugin. I know that plugin gives the option of giving credit to the developer on the front page. It says SEO by Developer.

    Looks like that plugin uses:

    if (get_option('psp_link_home')) {

    Thanks, I was able to figure it out from there. Appreciate all your help. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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