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  • Tony


    My goal is to basically set up a list of items (words) on the left side of a page and some sort of contact form with empty fields on the right side of the page… I would like for the user (on the frontend) to be able to basically drag and drop any item (word) from the list on the left side of the page to any field of his choice in the contact form on the right side of the page (instead of having to type the words into the fields)… how can I do that?

    Any kind of plugins or jargon that I can research?

    Help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Andrew Bartel


    Unless you’re really good with javascript the bump in usability probably wouldn’t be worth the effort unless you can find a plugin.




    You’re thinking mac-address-book type fields, right? Like where you can select the label for what phone number you’re about to enter into a phone number field in an address book? Same/Simliar on iOS I believe.

    It’s a very cool idea in concept but I think you should reconsider how annoying it would be really to have to create my own form that I then fill in.

    For various reasons i don’t begin to understand, I routinely have trouble with the more complex interface things on my browser – drag and drop and fancy buttons can be a problem for me, I guess it’s java cache related, I’m not sure. I can only imagine what people 2 versions back could have trouble with and then you’d have to make sure it worked on mobile devices.

    Wufoo has a nice form and I think it’s HTML5 – maybe HTML5 would help alleviate potential issues I’m alluding to in the previous paragraph. I think there are a few companies out there doing contact forms and you’ll probably do better to find one that is not WordPress specific – they’ll give you embed code and you can go from there. I’ve even seen a bunch of them in the Chrome web store, as well. (As a last resort, google for alternatives to gravity forms or wufoo)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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