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  • I’m interested in adding a forum catagory to my site ( and was wondering what is involved. Ideally, it would be set up like the WP support forum, where it would be accessed via a “Forum” catagory link at the top of the page. Is the actual forum software a plugin?

    Thanks & happy turns,

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  • hi there, why not take a look at bbpress.
    the sister product to wordpress.
    Can be used on the same databse as wordpress and will integrate,
    to share users and passwords.
    Hope this helps.

    I agree, bbpress is pretty good. I’m testing it myself right now and will be installing it at one of my wp sites soon. There are also a couple of plugins that look really nice too. Check out this one: Simple Forum Plugin.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks mikey1 and newdirt. I like the idea of bbpress as a sister product to WP, but am intimidated by the installation process. For reference, WP’s “Famous Five-Minute Install” took me three tries and five days. For this reason alone, the Simple Forum Plugin looks good.

    Any opinions on phpBB with WP?

    Hi again, the two work very well together.
    The most important part for me, as I’m currently running a few systems on my site, was the fact that they share a database and also the user info, so if someone registers for your blog they are registerd for your forum.With a wopress plugin you can also have posts go to the forum.
    the insta a place to put a secret keyllation of bbpress is no more difficult.
    On thing I would draw your attention to is the section in the config files. There is now a place to put a secret key. This should be the same in wordpress and bbpress.
    hope this will help and good luck.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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