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    I’m looking to add a footer that extends along the bottom (either the same length as the header or along the entire site) to put the credits for the layout and copyright (centered)… however, the only ones I can get to work either aren’t at the bottom of the layout or they ARE at the bottom… but it’s ALWAYS at the bottom when you scroll rather than just being at the bottom of the layout (Like a header is always at the top/just at the top, I want a footer just at the bottom–not to follow along with scrolling).

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  • Yes There Is. If I Am Not Wrong You Are Asking That Is There A Plugin Which Makes The Footer Visible Throughout. Yes So The Plugin Which I Am Telling You Makes You To Create A Rich Text Footer Which Will Stay At The Bottom Of The Screen Throughout The Scrool.

    No, what I want is one that DOESN’T stay at the bottom throughout the scroll. I want it to JUST be at the very bottom…

    Like the header always stays at the top–you scroll past it and it doesn’t follow you. I want a footer that is just at the bottom of the page–I don’t want it to keep along with the scrolling.

    Still need help 🙁

    Don’t Bump.

    Sorry I Am Replying Late. If Your Theme Supports Footer Widgets Then You Can Goto Appearance >> Widgets . There You Can See Your Problem Is Solved. If Your Theme Supports Footer Widgets Than You Will See “Footer” In The Widget Area Where You Can Add Or Remove Widgets. If You Don’t See The Footer Section Then Change Your Theme To A Footer Supported One. As I Was Surfing Your Site, Your Site Loads Pretty Slow. Fix That.

    Or If You Don’t Want To Change Your Theme Then You Can Use The Below Plugin. [ Short link deleted, please do not use those in these forums ]

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    I tried that footer. It adds some pre-set stuff that I really don’t care for. I have something very specific I want it to say and that one is big, bulky, preset with words, and all the wrong colors.

    Your Site Takes More Then 10 Seconds To Load. Please Use W3 Cache For Better Load And Minify. Also You Are Making The Whole Article To Load On Your Blog Screen. Instead Of Summary You Are Making The Whole Article To Load. This Will Cut Down Your Speed More Settings>>Reading>>For each article in a feed>>Summary

    I Think Your Theme Is The One Which Is Causing The Problem. If Your Theme Supports Footers Then The Footer Widget Area Should Be Visible In The Widget Area. Change Your Theme Because, As I Can See Its A Converted Theme So It Has Problems.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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