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  • Such a question should be referred to the plugin or theme provider that has included that functionality to your site as they are not apart of WP core.

    Meanwhile, since most of us are using PHP5.4 (or should be), review updating PHP with host.

    Also, the forum seems to be full of posts related to the ‘mystile’ theme of late. Please review.

    Support for this theme is with the theme provider.

    Wow – that’s an interesting reply. I have no idea what most of it means! Are you asking me, in a round-about way, not to post questions here because my site uses the mystile theme?

    I was trying to ask if anyone knew of a simple bit of code or a plugin that shows this Image on a specific page so the user can enter their location and get the relevant shipping costs without having to go through checkout. I didn’t realise it was a) theme specific or b) was related to PHP5.4.

    My apologies if I asked for help on this matter in the wrong place. I am very new to all this and was looking to get some advice on a few topics from people with superior knowledge.

    Woocommerce calculates delivery costs based on the parameters you enter, but obviously it needs a delivery destination to do that. Shoppers don’t have to go through checkout – they can calculate shipping on the cart page. Are you asking if you can display that on the product page?

    Hi webbrewers,

    Thanks for your reply. I want to display that (or something similar) on a “Delivery Information” page I have created, if possible?

    I was referring to what should be respected here by all forum users, which is the forum rules, specifically as noted here:

    Unless you use a fixed shipping price (in which case you could just insert it on your delivery page), woo still needs to know what is being delivered to calculate shipping. That’s driven by adding something to the cart so there’s no way to show shipping costs with an empty cart. You can add the cart to your delivery page by inserting the cart shortcode [woocommerce_cart], but it will only show a cart is empty message until something to calculate on is added.

    As for the forum rules, PVWD is technically right about woo and your theme being part of a commercial enterprise – it may be a bit of a gray area though because they are both “free”. The rules are there to support the primary function of the forum – which is to help people and so sometimes they may need to be interpreted (in my view).
    That said, you may well find more specific support for woo here:

    Hi webbrewers,

    Thanks for clarifying. I have 6 different delivery ‘zones’ and the value is fixed for each zone (ie doesn’t vary with quantity).

    Could you point me in the right direction of how to make my own drop-down selector, containing all the countries I ship to, that displays the delivery price when selected? (ie how to make my own one of these ) I am happy to manually enter all this info, I just don’t really know how to do it!

    PS – Apologies for my confusion regarding the forum rules.

    How did you set up the zones in woocommerce and assign the zip codes to them? I don’t think that’s available by default.

    It’s set up for delivery by country rather than zip codes, as I’m based in Singapore not America. I used s plugin called AWD Weight/Country Shipping to assign prices to 6 different international zones. It all works perfectly when calculating delivery on both the cart and checkout page, but, as you say, woocommerce calculates delivery based on input so I cant copy & paste the code to another page.

    All I really need is to insert a dropdown menu of countries and a display of the price when a country is selected. Any ideas how I could go about this?

    If you only have 6 zones, and don’t need to match a city or post code to them, why not just list out the country/price? A drop down would normally be part of a form that would submit an option to the cart but sounds like you don’t need that – you’re just wanting to show the price, right? Or do you have multiple countries in each zone?

    Yeah, multiple countries for each zone. I was in the process of writing out the list of countries. But hit on the idea of having a dropdown menu to save the user having to scroll through a long list to find the delivery price. I thought it would look neater on the page to have something like this instead.

    Hmmm, running that with an empty cart is a bit challenging. I’d google it and try the woo forum.

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