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    I need help, a bit lost here. Searching around but didn’t found how, especially without plugin.

    Quick question:
    How to activate new user in WP multisite?

    Long explanation:
    I have Super Admin access and need to create 2 more administrators for all sites. I created them here: Set their role as administrators and added them to all sites. I as one of that 2 new admins checked my email and tried to login in and But got messages:

    ACCOUNT PENDING: Your account is currently not active. An administrator needs to activate your account before you can login.

    I didn’t find any options to activate or reject new user registration in admin interface. I checked my Super Admin’s email, I just got notification about new user registration that just stated their username and IP address. No options to activate/approve or reject. I checked my new admin’s email, only username, password, and link to

    Really, how to activate new user?…

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  • If it’s matter: I turn off user registration, so I have to created new user for whoever want to be a user on my site.

    Okay, I found out what causing this.

    It’s All in One WP Security plugin. I enabled manual approval for new registration. (User Registration > Manual Approval)

    So, I have to manually approve all new user in there.

    Sorry for the confusion..

    Thanks. I’d done the same thing and then forgotten – so your thread helped me.

    Thank you, Taniav. I was confused too but your thread helped me alot.

    I am glad it can be useful for you, guys. 🙂

    –deleted– (reason: double post)

    Hi, I have also installed All in One WP Security plugin, but when I registered myself on my site to test it new user registration did not show up in User Registration > Manual Approval in All in One WP Security plugin, nor in Manage Signups from the main admin site either?! So, I can’t approve new users, and thus no one can login before I have approved them. Any help would very much be appreciated. Thanks!

    My site is

    Hi @buddies,

    I am not sure what causing that problem you faced. Maybe there is another plugin you installed that control user registration too?

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