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  1. Chris215
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I have three categories: People, Automotive, and Misc.
    I want to have the Portfolio as the parent page.

    Here's what I'm thinking, I want to have three large clickable pictures that represent each of the category and by clicking on one will bring the person to portfolio of that section with a back link.

    Here's an exact idea of what I want to do that i made through a web builder, but not sure how to replicate: (located under Portfolio) http://www.wix.com/Chris215/Chris

    I will take care of the galleries, I just need help with coding and getting setup.

    - Chris

  2. Chris215
    Posted 6 years ago #

    anyone can give an example?

    btw when I add subpages I can't access/see them, so I'm guessing I have to link them anyways to access them right?

  3. iridiax
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Look for portfolio themes for WordPress. There are lots of nice ones out there (free and for purchase), and if you can't find one that's exactly how you want it, you may be able to modify one of them to suit without too much effort (as opposed to building a portfolio theme from scratch).

  4. Chris215
    Posted 6 years ago #

    oh I'm not building my own, I'm editing one I'm using. I just wanted to implement this gallery type into my site.

    (also nvm i got subpages to work)

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