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  1. jingoman
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i have installed wordpress, and am running it pretty simply with most defaults, etc, and only a small number of users.

    on this site, i created a sub-directory and dupliated the ./index.php file so as to recreate the menu bars, etc. the only difference is there is no content in the main div tags.

    this sub-section uses different database tables in the same database, but i would like to have the wordpress users to link up the users of this second database.

    on the page, i have called "$user = wp_get_current_user();" and then:
    echo $user->ID;"
    but it doesnt return anything.

    i have already logged in to the site, then typed in the full URL to the subsection so i think it carries the session id's and stuff... then i would like to return the current user.

    any help with this issue would be appreciated.



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