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  • I hope someone can help me with a basic question:

    How do I access my blog’s subscriber list?

    I am using the Thesis Theme and have explored every conceivable link in the admin area. But I can’t find a list of subscribers–people who have signed up to receive my posts via email or RSS.

    I KNOW this list exists because I accidentally found it while noodling around the admin area. But for the life of me, now that I need the list, I can’t remember how I accessed it.

    BTW, I posted this question on the Thesis forum and they wrote, “Questions about basic WordPress functionality aren’t likely to be answered in the Thesis User’s Guide, since the WordPress docs should have those things covered already.”

    Sorry, but I don’t even know what “WordPress docs” are. Can someone please provide info on accessing subscription lists from the admin area?


    PS Is there a way to receive email notification if someone responds to my question on this forum? Or do I need to keep checking back and logging in?

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  • Are you looking for the list under Users/Authors & Users in the admin area?

    Thanks for responding to my question, Figaro.

    I’m not sure whether or not I’m looking for the list under Users/Authors & Users in the admin area.

    I don’t see anything labeled “Users/Authors & Users.” How would I navigate to this area?


    Do you see a “Users” tab in the admin area? If so, just click on it.

    Unfortunately, I do not see a “users” tab in the admin area.

    Would this have anything to do with the fact that I’m running Thesis theme? Are admin area interfaces different in different themes?

    I presume I’m in the user area–though I see no “User”tab–because I am able to create posts and pages from here.

    Any idea for next-step?


    All right, I’m an idiot.

    I just found the “user” tab, clicked on it and got to Authors & Users.

    There is no subscriber info on this page (that I can see)–just my name, email, my role as administrator and number of posts I’ve created.

    It should show your “registered” users…I’m thinking of the registered users with the subscriber role. If you have some other subscriber system (maybe a plugin) then you may be looking for some other screen that the plugin adds.

    I appreciate your sticking with me on this.

    Author & Users area does not show registered users.

    I just checked my plug ins–I have a “Subscribe to Comments” plug in, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

    Over at the Thesis forum, someone suggested that I go to Feedburner and click Analyze > Subscribers >.

    I navigate to Feedburner and sign in I don’t see an “Analyze” option. The two choices are “Claim your feeds now” and “Burn a feed right this instant.”

    If I click the former it provides instructions for moving feeds to my Google account.

    The thing is–I know the subscriber list is accessible from the WP admin area because, as mentioned in my first query–I accidentally stumbled on this list in the admin area some time ago.

    My email is if anybody sends an email to me using how can I access it?

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