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    One thing I really dislike about this plugin that I think you guys should strongly consider changing is that when this plugin is activated, it comes with like 18 videos that get published through the plugin activation. (Does it really need to come with that many?)

    This is horrible because my website automatically Indexed these videos and the internet was sending people to these video URL’s, and they are videos that are completely irrelevant to my website. Also, because the SEO Titles of these video posts contained my website name, people who had Google Alerts for my website name received these random video posts and Google Alerts, which could’ve been flagged as irrelevant and hurt my traffic/rep/seo/etc. This is something I really dislike.

    Anyhow, after activating this plugin I immediately go to all Video Gallery admin> all videos and delete these unnecessary video posts. However, I learned that they were STILL living in my database even though I thought I had deleted them through the plugin’s admin.

    I can only access them through another plugin (WordPress SEO by Yoast) which, through its latest update, allows people to go to SEO Admin> Bulk Title Editor.

    I found all of these videos as still “published” on my site, and through this Yoast plugin, I was able to link to the video gallery where I could see all of the videos published on the Contus plugin. This is where I could see all of these original videos that I thought I had deleted, and they were still published.

    Since they were indexed, now that they are deleted they are probably also turning up 404’s.

    So, question:

    Is there any way to access this video gallery/collection of video posts through the plugin? the Video Gallery>All Videos is not a true indicator of the actual video posts that have been or are published through the plugin.

    And secondly, can you guys please in an update fix this issue of the plugin coming in with these many video posts?

    I was going to leave a review mentioning this but I want to bring this up in support before I mention it in reviews.

    I otherwise love the plugin.

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Jose,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please note that the 18 videos are sample data of this plugin. As you said, if you don’t like to have the sample videos, you can very well delete in the admin. Since Video Gallery plugin is based on custom post type, we are also saving the video details in post table. If you want to delete the videos permanently from the post table when you delete in plugin page, please follow the below steps.

    open \wp-content\plugins\contus-video-gallery\admin\models\video.php and find

    public function video_delete($videoId)

    Now replace the following content

    $query = "DELETE FROM ".$this->_videotable."  WHERE vid IN ("."$videoId".")";
                return $this->_wpdb->query($query);


    $slug = $this->_wpdb->get_col("SELECT slug FROM ".$this->_videotable."  WHERE vid IN ("."$videoId".")");
    			$slugid = implode(",", $slug);
                $query = "DELETE FROM ".$this->_videotable."  WHERE vid IN ("."$videoId".")";
                $query = "DELETE FROM ".$this->_posttable."  WHERE ID IN ("."$slugid".")";
                return $this->_wpdb->query($query);

    Currently we are working on all these changes. So you can get the updated package in our next release.

    If you have any other queries feel free to contact us.

    Thank you for this fix! I suppose the video samples are fine as long as they are truly deleted via the plugin admin.

    How quickly they were indexed and are now part of my 404’s was a problem though. I am glad I found them and was able to delete them. I will update the file with this code.

    Thank you,



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