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  • Hi, I have the following environment:

    1. WP installed in http://localhost:8888/SiteWDC_WP/ with the page “activeprojects”
    2. CI installed in http://localhost:8888/SiteWDC_WP/codeigniter with the controller “Activeprojects”.

    1. I installed your plugin (thanks) and went to WP->Settings/WordPressIgniter. In “Page override” I put “activeprojects” and in “CodeIgniter Path” I put “codeigniter” and saved.
    2. I was expecting to access http://localhost:8888/SiteWDC_WP/activeprojects/ and see the result of my CI controller “Activeprojects”, but I just saw my WP initial page. Looking at the other topic, I discovered that putting “http://localhost:8888/SiteWDC_WP/codeigniter/activeprojects/” I was able to see my CI page, but even when I checked the “CodeIgniter grabs all SEO urls” option I still couldn’t achieve my goal (mysite/mycontroller).
    3. After I tried changing the “CodeIgniter Path” to “http://localhost:8888/SiteWDC_WP/codeigniter” and nothing changed.
    Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Many thanks,
    Arthur –

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  • Plugin Author dynamodan


    Arthur, I think there’s an issue with the SiteWDC_WP segment in the url. CodeIgniter, I believe, is expecting to find a controller named SiteWDC_WP.php as that is the first “segment”.

    I recommend getting the latest (v1.3 as of this writing) plugin version, and using the [wordpressigniter] shortcode as a means of triggering CodeIgniter’s content. This is a new feature, and I intend it to replace and deprecate the “Page Override” setting.

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