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  • Hi guys I know this is something sort of off topic from the regular WP posts but I know someone here may be able to help and believe me, this is related to WP.

    Some time back I installed a mailing list with WP. There was an issue with WP when trying to access

    Anytime you needed to access admin.php even though it was in its own directory, WP would always thrown in a 404 error.

    Now I know that at the time all you needed to do was add a short snipet of code and this would be fixed. The problem is that I did not save the workaround and now need it badly.

    So in any case I am not asking for anyone to help me troubleshoot a third party product but rather to see if you know of a workaround if someone needs to access a php file in a different directory while having WP installed.

    My WP install is in the root and the responder is in the root/own directory. I know this is doable since I have done it before.

    Really hoping someone could help out. Searched all over the web and can’t find anything.

    The software is quite outdated by very well built and unfortunately there is no longer any real support.


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  • Check the responder-directory

    maybe there is a index.php in there., not admin.php?

    There is an index.php there but you must first access admin.php to configure the setup.

    I just deleted index.php and tried accessing and same thing happens.

    I remember there was a short code snippet which told WP to allow access to other php files and not throw a 404.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks for responding 123

    >>I just deleted index.php and tried accessing and same thing happens.

    I do not think deleting that would help; not a good thing to have done

    REad the responder help


    post name of software here so we can read the tech docs

    I loaded the index file back in.
    The responder is Infinite Responder.
    The manual can be found here
    Infinite Responder Manual

    I remember getting a fix but didn’t save it since the host I was using at the time went out of business and my last backup didn’t have that in it.

    It was fairly simply from what I remember.

    Thanks for trying, hopefully you can come up with something.

    Sorry found nothing; no trouble… sections

    The login screen

    Here you simply put your assigned login name and password. If this is your first time logging in then it will go directly to the configuration screen instead and instruct you to set an admin password.

    Login sessions last for 24 hours or until you log out, or until someone else logs in as the admin. At the top of the main screen you’ll see a logout button that will log you out.

    Yeah but unfortunately I can’t access it to even do this much.
    Anything I try to do here takes me to a WP generated 404 page.

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