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    I’m using Woo Extra Product Options plugin with Woo Commerce.
    I set the options as radio buttons.

    Where is the Data Base I can see each option?

    In the order page I see the SKU of the item.. under that I see the Woo Extra Product Options plugin which shows me which option the user selected.

    I want to see that information in the database tables.

    How do i do that?


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    You can see your custom field values by following below steps,

    Step 1: Get order_item_ids from wp_woocommerce_order_items table where order_id is your order id.

    Step 2: Check your custom field name in wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta table for the order_item_ids that you got it from Step 1

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    I already did that.
    This gives me the product name, it doesn’t give me the product options that the user selected.

    I have a product called “PDAX”
    The plugin allows to define Options and Values.
    Option CPU:


    What I want to get is the option that the user has choosen.
    Meaning if he choose A I want to get:
    CPU A

    I want to get the information listed under the value column – red/black arrow. Not the name of product (PDAX)

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    The steps provided in my previous message will give you the user choosen value for the custom fields.

    I have created a custom select field’cpu’ (name:cpu and label: CPU) with options A,B,C,D. And I choose option ‘B’ when adding the product to cart, and the placed the order. I can see the selected value ‘B’ for the field ‘cpu’ in database using the steps provided in my last comment. Please see the below screens shots for the same,


    I don’t have these fields in wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta table.
    This is the query:
    This is what I see in the dashboard. as you can see there are many options selected for this (one) item.

    I should also say that this query:
    select *
    from wp_woocommerce_order_items
    where order_id=13225

    gives me 2 rows:
    order_item_id order_item_name order_item_type order_id
    95 PDAX line_item 13225
    96 shipping EU shipping 13225

    Like I said, it doesn’t show me the options.

    still looking for a solution…

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    Closing this old thread.

    Can’t this be added somewhere on the Order page itself, so that when the order comes through we can see it on the order page along with all the other relevant data?

    Instead of having to go running SQL queries to bring it up somehow?

    And I don’t see any of this stored in the SQL anywhere either, as per your suggestions above.

    This plugin just doesn’t seem to work properly or at all.

    I am having a similiar issue. I have the latest free version, and just started using it. The selection (color of ink in my case) is not showing on any order information and not going to Paypal or shipstation. This is quite inconvenient! Please help! I dont want to buy new update version in case this doesnt work.

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