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  • Hi all,

    My first post so please be kind and if this actually has been posted before I apologise… but when wanting to solve my own problem I could not find anything to help.

    Basically as many of you will know (I hope I am right in saying here) you can only access and blog to your pages from the WAN if your site is live or fron the LAN if its local only… Well it CAN be done through hardware setup!

    ROUTER SETTINGS:- Basically you have a couple of options, it was advised on one thread that you could setup SOME routers with a form of loop back which routed all requests via the WAN so you in effect forward the trafic went out via the LAN externally. I have a D-Link running the linux DD-WRT feature rich firmware and it did not have a method of doing this. So its worth checking, but unlikely I think.

    OTHER LOCATIONS Well again, not the best way because it involves having off-site hardware, or access to a second connection. Basically what I was doing is either latching onto an unsecured wireless to admin the site OR logging into a computer at work via RDP and then accessing the website on that – far from ideal.

    MY OPTION:- Well you can use two routers (if you have or can get them). Basically I had another router, so… what I did was to plug one into the other, and set the ip of main router I was using as a router as the DMZ address on the extra router! This means that for all intensive purposes of use / port forwarding etc, the second router is transparent, however because all requests have to go via that router they end up go ing external to the main LAN and therefore are treated like WAN requests.
    A similar thing could be done with a hardware firewall setup I believe.

    Anyway… hope thats useful for some people, it certainly was for me!


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