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  • Hi Mike,

    I’m trying to use your plugin for our swimming clubs website, we’re based in the UK.

    We want to create meets/events, so that club members are able to register for them through the site and then we can export the entries for import to Hy-Tek (MM 5 & TM 7). Can this plugin do that?

    Other event management plugins only export CSVs not HY3s, so your plugin appears to be ideal.

    I’ve installed the plugin, after installing and activating phpHtmlLib and all appears to be working fine.

    I’m unfamiliar with Hy-Tek myself, which is managed by the club chairman who has provided me with some HY3 files which I have so far been unable to import.

    Unfortunately I really don’t know how to configure the plugin, so I’m hoping you can provide some guidance! I had a look through the support page and the official plugin site but I’m non the wiser.

    First I went to options but couldn’t configure the SDIF profile.
    I spoke to our chairman and he has no idea what Org Code or LSC Code are?

    I then went to manage but didn’t know what I should configure first.
    I decided to create a season. What does swimmer labels unlocked/locked/frozen mean?

    I then went to events – manage events – import events, using a HY3 file I had been provided with but received errors.

    What are the basic steps for configuration, importing events etc? What needs to be configured first?

    You’re help is very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    wp-SwimTeam can export HY3 files for Meet Manager and Team Manager however it cannot import a HY3 file. It can however import a HYV (events file) so you don’t have to set a meet up from scratch. Whoever runs Meet Manager for you should be able to provide a HYV events file, it is an export option from Meet Manager.

    The LSC and Org codes are used by SDIF. While they appear very US-centric, they are defined in the SDIF specification and there are entries in the various tables in the spec for world-wide usage. Here is a post from the SDIF Forum email group which has some links to the SDIF specification.

    Regarding setting up the plugin, here is a link to a page I created a while ago which provides a very quick overview of what you need to setup for the plugin to work.

    I have not verified compatibility with TM7 and MM5 but to the best of my knowledge, the HY3 format hasn’t changed and more importantly, the checksum algorithm hasn’t changed.

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I’ve taken a look over everything you posted, it was very helpful.

    It appears that we don’t have an LSC code, I’ve taken a look at other UK clubs on TMonline and none have an LSC code. I couldn’t find a suitable ORG code or Region code either.

    Our club code is WANL and so wouldn’t validate, as the first 2 characters don’t match any of the available LSC codes.
    To get around this for now, I commented out function form_backend_validation () in /class/sdif.forms.class.php and chose any LSC, Org and Region codes.

    I followed the other steps as outlined but had problems when trying to import a HYV events file after creating an events group and then going to manage events and then import events.

    I received the errors;

    Hy-tek Event File
    Invalid event record encountered in hy-tek event file on line 2.
    Hy-tek Event File
    Error: Invalid event number (1A) found in Event Record.

    The format 1A etc is used for each age group in TM. So if an event is set up in MM to be scored for ages 9 to 15&Over. It will be set up as 7 different events in TM starting with the event number and then A through G for the seven age groups.

    The HYV file looks as follows;

    A102Meet Entries Hy-Tek, Ltd Win-TM 7.0Ea 11242013 3:46 PMWandsworth Swimming Club 96
    B1Wandsworth Swimming Club Championships 2013 Rainbow Leisure Centre 100520131130201312312013 12
    B2 LIS 0.00S C 91
    C1WANL Wandsworth Swimming Club Wandsworth K******ka K*****a C***g M****y AGE 52
    C2A****n S*** 90 ******* Road London SW15 *** GBR BS 07
    C3 020 8*** 3*** 07515 9****2 a********w@***.com 51
    C4C**** H******** Milton Sills 52
    C6K******** K****** Head Coach 22
    C6C**** M***** Coach 67
    C6C*** H******** Teacher 99
    C6M***** Sills Coach 28
    D1M 508Robinson T****** D247450 06211996 172 PERPFA PER 93
    E1M 508RobinMM 200D 17109 3.00 1T 0S 132.18S 97
    E1M 508RobinMM 200C 17109 3.00 2T 0S 156.61S 97
    E1M 508RobinMM 200E 17109 3.00 3T 0S 133.60S 97
    E1M 508RobinMM 100A 17109 3.00 4P 0S 55.10S 67


    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    What you have posted above doesn’t look like a Hy-tek Events File (.hyv), it looks like a Hy-tek entries file (.hy3). They are significantly different. A Hy-tek events file looks something like this:

    Sample;07/16/2011;07/16/2011;06/01/2011;Y;Cary Swim Club;;Hy-Tek Sports Software;2.0Hm;CN;9111r

    I’ve never seen a HYV file with a non-numeric (or alpha-numeric) event number. I am not saying it isn’t valid, I’ve just never encountered one.

    wp-SwimTeam expects the event number to be a number (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc.). Even if your file was a HYV like wp-SwimTeam is expecting, it won’t parse 1A as a valid event number. Fixing the HYV parser to recognize “1A” or “1B” as valid event numbers isn’t too hard however the column in the database table for event numbers is defined as a numeric value.

    Can you send the HYV file to me (mpwalsh8 at gmail dot com)? I am not sure how to solve this as changing event numbers from a numeric value to an alpha numeric value is a major change and the ripple effect across the plugin, and risk of breaking something else, is pretty significant.

    Can you use regular numeric event numbers?

    Can you confirm that the file you posted above is indeed a HYV file and not a HY3 file?

    Hi Mike,

    You’re right, what I posted above isn’t a HYV file, it is a HY3 file, my mistake.

    The file I tried to upload was a HYV file, I tried it again and got the same error.

    I’ve emailed the file to you.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I’ve been working on this issue (legal Event Numbers with a suffix A-Z) and have a beta build available for testing with. This beta release correctly imports the sample event file I was provided as well as the ability to add or update event numbers with the suffix.

    You can find wp-SwimTeam v1.42-beta-1 on my web site.

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