• Well, first try I got an error message. So here is the way I managed to migrate my downloads with this plugin.

    Save your database – or tables relatives to Download Monitor 3
    Install Download Monitor Legacy Importer
    Delete Download Monitor 3 directory in plugins
    Install Download Monitor 4 (well, 1.0.0 now)
    Go to Tools>Import and choose Download Monitor Legacy Importer

    Take a look at your “old” downloads if they still work. If you desactivate Download Monitor Legacy Importer, individal downloads shortcodes all broken now. Too bad.
    As downloads are now custom posts, they all changed their ID ! So you have two solutions: manually change each ID for individual downloads or keep Download Monitor Legacy Importer activated. To you to choose.


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  • Thanks very much for this @li-an – was really confused by this process till I read your post.

    Interestingly I found that not all the download ‘logs’ were imported 🙂 Some files still have the number of hits/download whilst others show 0.

    And sadly, retaining Legacy Importer (activated) does not seem to work ID wise for me, so time for me to go download ID hunting 😉

    Well, I did change manually all the ID as I did not want to keep another plugin activated. And I confirm the problem with hits/download – but it’s not very important for myself.

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