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    I like the theme. Two questions: 1)How do I change the rounded corners to just regular corners, and 2) how do I change the background so that when I scroll down it also moves together with the content instead of being stationary?


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    First note… always better to use a child theme to make core theme modifications, but second, to answer your questions 🙂

    1. The rounded corners for the top nav wrapper can be found in the style.css file around line 40. You would change the 60px radius to 0px.

    2. For a non-static background, you can find this in the style.css file around line 68 for “body” and change this:

    background: #dadddf url('images/patterns/pattern-bg.png') 0 0 repeat fixed;

    to this:

    background: #dadddf url('images/patterns/pattern-bg.png') 0 0 repeat scroll;

    However, this background scroll is only for the lower half. The top half needs to be kept fixed because it’s a special layer that sits behind the main content container (the content part that is above it on top). This one won’t be able to scroll unfortunately due to the design concept. You can remove the styling that is applied to it if you want the actual page background (the bottom half) to show only. If so, let me know and I can show what code you will need to take out.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, to make these kind of changes, it’s best to use the child theme method so that whenever Preference Lite is updated, it won’t affect modifications.

    Per the above, info on child themes is here:

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Thanks WPyogi….I just realized I did not put the link in as you just did. I also have a setup tutorial about the child theme and available for download from my site:
    Preference Child Theme

    Thank you! Appreciate the quick response.

    I love preference lite and am building a site using version 1.6. I don’t have any experience with this sort of thing and need to know how to add tabs under the header to link to my other pages. Can you help me with that? Is there a tutorial on this theme? Also, this site is not published yet.


    Sam T.

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    Hi Sam… probably should start a new thread on this topic but not sure what you mean by tabs…are you wanting actual tabs across the page below the header? Or better yet, contact me from my site’s contact form and can move this to email. Thanks.

    HI, how do we move it to email? Mine is [Email redacted – use his profile website] 🙂

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    ah… good point. Easy by going here:

    Contact Styled Themes

    I like how this theme allows you to put an image as the background, but it is only or the bottom half. So my question is how do I change the code on the top half of the background to allow me to put and image in there?

    Theme Author Styled Themes


    Hi Weazer…. I would recommend submitting your request in a new thread because this one is another topic and the current thread here is closed as resolved; plus the moderators will probably see it and also make the same request.

    I will be happy to help you out though once you do that (and once I get back in the door…currently out at the moment). Cheers!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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