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    First thank you the great plugin. This is a core function WP is missing.
    I would like to ask you how the plugin modify the non-protected files serving.
    I have a very few protected files and a lot on unprotected, so my concerns are if the unprotected files are served again thru the PHP. That may slow down the website.

    It may be a good idea to have that clarification in the description. How the plugin actually works.


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  • Plugin Author Max GJ Panas


    Hey ikivanov,

    Performance was a key concern while developing the plugin.

    Media Vault only redirects requests for protected files and files with the mgjp_mv_download=safeforce query argument set, so that requests for unprotected files are not affected at all.

    Now, “protected files” are simply files within the Media Vault (_mediavault) sub-directory within your WordPress uploads folder.

    When you set an attachment’s file access to “Protected” in the WP admin, Media Vault moves the attachment’s files (preserving the folder structure) from the WordPress uploads folder where they are, into the Media Vault Protected folder (the /_mediavault/ sub-directory) and, very importantly, updates the attachment’s relevant fields in the database to reflect the move.

    So Media Vault in version 0.8.10 utilizes two rewrite rules:

    1. detects whether the request is for a file in the protected folder
    2. detects whether the request has the Media Vault download query argument set

    Only if any of the two above are true will the request be redirected to be handled by WordPress and the Media Vault file handler script.

    Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else.

    I will add this to the FAQ, might get a bit technical for the desc..

    Thanks for the Q.

    Thread Starter ikivanov


    Thanks for the fast response.
    Sounds good and the way it should be.
    I think adding some technical info in the FAQ section will increase the developers count who has chosen your plugin.
    I will personally give it a try in a few minutes. I hope there will be no any conflicts with EWWW Image optimizer and some watermark plugins. Shouldn’t be thinking of what you have just described.

    Thanks once again.

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