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  • Greetings,

    I am fumbling over how to style the MailChimp widget fields. I already tried adding the code I found here posted by Luke America in my theme’s style sheet but nothing changed. I’m not really sure that was the code I wanted but I was experimenting to see if I could get control of the css. I failed.

    It seems there may be somewhere a fact sheet with the id and class names required to style the widget, is there? And is it to the style sheet for my theme (Catalyst/Dynamik) that I add the code once I figure out the ids and class names?

    You can see what I have here in the right sidebar

    and here in the footer on the home page

    I’d like my form to be much more visually balanced like these at



    I need to change my field names, field sizes. I need to add some text between the widget/list title and the fields, and I want the text boxes to be wider and perfectly aligned. I also want to delete ‘address’ and only have ’email’. I’d like the field titles to be in the text box and then disappear/be replaced by using the form. Maybe this is all too much to ask but it all seems pretty basic to me, if only I could find the id and class names and where you’re supposed to input the code.

    Thank you, sorry my message is so long. kkr
    Here’s a copy of my note to MC.

    I have more questions.

    I used the MC plugin and widget for wordpress to add an email capture form to my website

    I have spent most of today trying to figure out how to style it but to no avail. I looked at the MC support docs but everything there that seems to address my issue does not relate to or look anything like on my website. For instance, in one doc it says to hover over the form field to change the field title i.e. “first name” to just “first” or whatever, but when I mouse over my fields no options appear.

    I’ve read the help files in the widget forum and looked elsewhere on the web but I do not see how to style my form and, as it is, it is not visually pleasing.

    Was I supposed to build my form on MC and then somehow connect or embed it in my wordpress site? If so, I don’t see what the widget is for. When I clicked the MC option to create forms–integrations there is a wordpress link but I don’t find any good explanation of how to style the form.

    I’m feeling frustrated.

    There are two other issues I’d like to bring to your attention.
    One is that MC still interferes with my Catalyst/Dynamik css builder. I sent a message about this back in February (Ticket# LTK1212502685663X).

    Now I’ve lost track of the other issue so will write again when I remember what it was.



    p.s. Will post a copy of this message to WP MC plugin and widget support forums.

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