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  • Hello!

    I`m new on wordpress, and I need to know if there is a way to auto set the language of a wordpress site depending on the ip of the visitors.
    If there is a way to auto translate, even If I have to transalate my self, it would be nice.
    Also I need a selection of language if the visitors wants to change the languange.
    As my site will have a wiki plugin installed. I dont need to transalte too much, only the "whats for” of each page, so the user or visitor can post articles in their native language.
    Thanks for all!
    King regards.

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  • There are plugins that can do something similar for you. I don’t know of any that auto detect based on the user’s IP, but you can use a plugin to allow the users to select their language.

    I also wouldn’t rely on a user’s IP to determine what language they speak. While many times a user’s IP will allow you to set the correct language for them, people do travel, and several languages can be spoken in a given region For example, Quebec, Canada could have a French or English speaking population. Or, someone in the United States could speak only Spanish. If your site automatically decides what language to display, these people wouldn’t be able to read your site very easily.

    Using one of those plugins that allow the user to select the language they want to read your site in would eliminate this issue. Even better would be to use flag icons that indicate what language the user should expect to see – that way your users won’t have translation issues if they happen to end up viewing your site in a language they don’t speak.

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