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    Hi to everyone,
    is it possible stretch the boxes of text fields?

    <p><font color=”666666″>Nome*</font>
    [text* your-name] </p>

    <p><font color=”666666″>E-mail*</font>
    [email* your-email] </p>

    <p><font color=”666666″>Oggetto*</font>
    [text your-subject] </p>

    <p><font color=”666666″>Messaggio*</font>
    [textarea your-message] </p>

    Thank you in advanced.

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  • Hello
    Yes you can customize them according to need to any extent.

    Hi Avipr
    Thank you for the answer.
    Please can you explain me how to do it?


    Yes I can help you, please tell me your requirements and modifications you need.

    I’m trying to do the same thing with this plugin. you can see my contact form at I want to make the text boxes about 90% of the width and I can’t find what file or where to make that change.



    I just checked your site. You can do it by two methods
    1. give size for your text box in your contact form 7 area
    2. overwrite css properties of text box.

    Hope it will help you.

    Hi Avipr,
    thank you for the answer.

    I would like to increase the length of the four boxes that I described in the first post.

    Please could you tell me what css file i have to modify and the line where i can find the code?

    Thank you in advanced.

    This is relevant to my interests… I am trying to style the contact form, but cant see how i do it without hacking the plug-in. I would prefer not to do this.

    If you don’t mind can you please drop me a message here

    Hello avipr,
    Your contact form is too complex, ask me a contact number *

    But do you have the answer to my question?


    Its here
    First Solution
    while creating contact form the default is something like this
    [email your-email] </p>
    [text your-subject] </p>

    Now add text box size to it like this [email your-email 24/] </p>
    Note 24/ is size, you can change it according to need, it will set the width of text box.

    Now move to text area
    [textarea your-message 19×3]
    Note- 19×3 means
    19 columns and 3 rows
    rows will set the height of text box and columns will set the width of text box.

    Second Solution
    By using css,
    open your default theme’s css file which is style.css
    and append these line any where

    .wpcf7-text { width:200px !important; }
    .wpcf7-textarea { width:200px !important; }

    the first one will set the width of text box and second one of textarea, now please adjust the width according to need.
    !important; means any other style will be ignored or overwrite.

    Hope it will help you.

    Thank you very much Avipir!
    I have tried the second solution and It works perfectly.
    Best regards

    You are Welcome

    Do you know how reduce the message box field?
    Because now they are all of the same length.

    Thank you in advanced

    Simple reduce the width. use 180 instead of 200

    if i change from 200 to 180 all the boxes are 180 pixel.
    I would like have a different length only for message box field.

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