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    Many of us will be migrating from another eccommerce plugin and already have products, variations, attributes, categories, tags etc but I see no import functionality, only Data Export. Are there plans for a Data Import?

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    We do want to build something for this. SureCart currently doesn’t offer some of the essential features for selling physical products. But we are building them into the platform and hope to make them available later this year.

    ​These features include:
    ​- Inventory management
    ​- Shipping charges
    ​- Country purchase restrictions

    So I think this goes with importing.



    I currently use woocommerce subscription feature and would intrigued if it were possible to migrate from that…

    Plugin Support mmbsf



    Thank you for your message.

    SureCart supports subscription products.

    For further queries, I recommend opening a new thread, as the guidelines suggest.


    You ignore MIGRATION questions in both above… I too have a WC site with customers, products and variations. How to migrate data to your system? Or customer data?

    What customer data IS stored by you for me to have on demand as long as I need it? Can I have it local copy if you delete after 7 days for whatever compliance reason?


    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    @tekgirlymama Please read the thread again because importing was answered and not ingored.

    The data is stored forever or until the merchant deletes their business, in this case all data related to that business is removed. Your payment processor will also have a copy of your customer data.

    Hi Adam,
    My bad if misunderstood what importing means. In my understaanding, if I currently use WC and have products, customers, purchase history data and then move to your cart solution – importing would mean moving that data to your solution from WC. Not how long you store new data on your server. But HOW TO MIGRATE WC data so ALL customers, old ones too are included in one place. Or one needs to go on with WC just to keep that data? Or manually add each customer and their purchase history and subscriptions etc and access rights to membership areas on the site?

    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    What we are going to research/see if its possible, is to:
    1. Migrate customers, this should be easy
    2. Create an order viewer for WooCommerce as all the order data is in your database even if Woo is disabled

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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