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    Hey there folks! The name’s Mike and I’ll just be up front about things. I’m new when it comes to both WordPress and website building. Everything that I know and everything that I’ve done I’ve taught myself up until this point (my skills are somewhat analogous to an individual that learns to play music by ear rather than learning to read the notes on paper). Thus, I am not the most knowledgeable individual in the world when it comes to giving my site the professional make-over. I know that it’s a fine start and I’m proud of my work up until this point, but… I don’t know. No matter what I do I just can’t achieve the professional site look! I would really appreciate any and all help that you have to offer. If you’d like to have a longer chat (which I would really, sincerely appreciate) that is not forum-based, you can contact me by email ( Remember, any and all tips help.

    Additional information: I run Headway Beta 2.0.
    I know that the font is a bit dark. I’ll brighten it. But right now I’m looking for something else. I know it isn’t just the font. There’s more.

    THANKS! [=

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  • Professional sites look more simple, are more suttle on the eye and nice to look at with calm colours like white or a dark blue, I think the k2 theme looks pretty professional but thats a pesonal preferance. Just try new themes and then what ever you like, stick with it. When making images like the header try to keep the colours in tune with the theme so there isn’t too much going on on the page.

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