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  • I’ve been having a real problem with my wordpress installs being hacked. I use a template I created with Artisteer – can anyone confirm or deny that it may or may have security holes?

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  • The Artisteer theme is a premium theme and you presumably purchased support from Artisteer when you bought the theme. I suggest you contact Artisteer for support with your theme. This forum does not provide support for premium themes such as Artisteer.

    Artisteer is an application for building themes, not a premium theme.

    Artisteer is a crock of junk. I have used it several times and the results are always only mediocre at best. The code is so overinflated and the divitis is terrible and the tags, class’s and id’s get to be so long you start to have a hard time following the code. There is no reason to have 190 (literally..) files and 12 folders for a simple 2 page WordPress template. The Artisteer program is ridiculously terrible. In my own opinion!

    Interesting – I just looked at a theme I recently built in Artisteer and compared it a standard WordPress Theme (TwentyEleven) and found four less files and one less folder (three instead of four) in the Artisteer theme.

    But back to the OP’s question – is there anything in an Artisteer theme that would cause security problems?

    i have used ATS on at least 20 projects. Everyone has many more files and folders than any premium wp theme I have ever purchased including those with several selectable sliders and admin panel options, lol. For real. But yes… there may be an answer for this. I think that in general, his problem is basically coming from being on a shared server that possibly has some email spammers using the same server for marketing BS, POS sites and that the hackers in general are just found his site by seeing what sites are on that server and hacking them. Unfortunately, even with the new updates to WP, I can hack any site in about 30 seconds. If I want to be nasty, I start leaving my posts with links in them for Viagra and all kinds of other dopy stuff. If I want to be really nasty, I just hack 3 files and then I own his site to the point that not even his hosting co can get it back until I decide to let them. That is of course unless the Hosting co does a complete wipe of his account and he rebuilds from scratch. Oh yes, this is very possible. However, you see hijacking much more prevalent than hacks or destructive ends simply because some determined marketers (i.e. really stupid and persistent people who believe warrior forums will make them rich) will do anything they can to put a stupid post on your site. Something like “Yeah, this is an excellent article, keep up the good work…. by Viagra here!!” So they do this by MySql inject or simply sending requests for info to your server once they find one on a server that all ready has spammers on it. This way they get thru some issues because the spam sites have the server ip blacklisted which causes some securities to be lowered in hopes of helping the normal users sites to still be able to send and receive emails to other email users of systems like gmail or aol and msn in particular. So I do not believe this to be a theme problem more likely a hosting co or a spammer filled server ip problem. My next question would be, do you have many emails being returned saying that they have been blocked by msn or aol? If so, its probably given the server ip as the problem due to that server having spammers all over it. Try getting your hosting co to put you on a different server or ip address. You can also purchase your own ip for like 5 bucks from a lot of hosting co’s. Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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