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    I want the size of the footer to be the same as the header

    im Sorry if the question is basic
    but I am new using wordpress and many functions for more that I look for I do not find them


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • It appears that what you need is some CSS. There should be something in your dashboard under appearance–>customize that says “Additional CSS”. You can write a rule there to resize the footer to be more like the header

    look for a css parameter inside the header editor that shows me sizes to copy them at the bottom of the page but I do not see numbers xD

    I think I should study css

    CSS is an incredibly powerful tool in web development and I agree 100% you should study it. I’ll give you a couple of tools to help get started. is sort of the go to resource for CSS topics. It’s generally what I look to when I need a refreshed.

    Another important thing to understand is the box model. In the case of your header and footer problem, the part I would look at is actually the padding on the footer. If you remove the padding it ends up being pretty darn close to the same height has the header.

    Keep in mind that the height of elements may not be explicitly determined. That’s to say you won’t always find a

    height: 25px;

    or anything. The height may be determined by the stuff inside the box, in this case the text. So while the elements will be closer in size, if you were to add a bunch of text or pictures to one or the other, it will grow.

    I hope this gives you some information that will help you on your journey to understand this a bit better.

    Thanks you Mahonbone55

    reading a little
    I found a suitable configuration for me

    /* Decrease Footer Height */
    .site-footer {
    padding-bottom: 0.1em;
    padding-top: 0.1em;

    I like CSS
    so I’m going to study to understand what I do and to improve my page <– Thanks u for this


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