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    I had my blog on here but unfortunately couldn’t keep up the hosting.

    I wanted to know if the information would still be stored with WordPress and if I could redirect the old blog to the new servers?

    It been a couple of months.. so 🙁

    Thank for any help in advance.

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  • The information is always stored in the WordPress database, so if you have backups of the old install all should be fine.

    If you want to move WordPress refer to:

    Hi John,

    I’m a little confused. At which point do I gain access to change or redirect things.

    I tried to login to wordpress but the site url is no longer available. Meaning my admin login.

    And I don’t have access to my hosting site anymore.

    Am I a lost cause?

    You no longer have access to the old host and website? Don’t you have any backup files?

    If you don’t have any of the below, unfortunately there is not much you can do. Maybe you can contact the hosting provider to give you access temporarily or maybe they have backups.

    Checking after your message I have a few back up files but access to my hosting – no.

    I also spoke with them to see if there could redirect my saved info to a new server and he said no.

    So it looks like I am going to have to start from scratch, sadly!

    Is there any other way?

    Thanks for your help so far!!

    The most important is the database backup. If you have that the rest is easy. So what backup files do you have?

    Hi John,

    I have files that read as follows :


    Can I work with this?

    Is that an export of all your blog posts? If it is so, maybe you saved the content. To confirm, install a new WordPress and use the Import from the tools menu to try and import the blog posts.

    Else send it via email to someone to check it out for you. Don’t post it on a public sharing site in case it has sensitive information.

    Okay I will see what the files are see if one of the options works. Hopefully it will all be sorted – Thanks John.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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