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  • Okay, so you’re adding features to b2 and cleaning up some code in the process. How far do you intend to go with the rewrite? When you’re done, will the code still be recognizable as being based on b2, or will you have created something completely different?
    I know you have some goals set, but what about a design roadmap?

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  • As to the redesign in PHP. I’m assuming we’re staying with the LAMP platform and in this case P will continue to be PHP. Do you favor an ‘Inline’ approach or on ‘~OOP’ approach to the design of the logic.
    I’m more of a grow your own app person as opposed to using a templating engine as they really don’t do much for me in terms of adding process improvements. I’m all for them in terms of customization of UI but I want to encapsulate the variables and the methods so I can work in one area of the application without horking everyone up. That’s the biggest challenge I see with regards to the deficiency of the codebase.
    Whatever you decide to do is fine though.
    BTW I’ve done some initial css/html mods to your codebase. Are you allowing checkins yet?

    Making the code more logically structured is something we’re doing as we go along. However, making it all object oriented is more of a long term goal, something that will come gradually rather than all at once. It will not be object oriented for its own sake though, but more to facilitate readability and usability of the code.
    Larry, drop me an email about your code changes and I’ll see about rolling them in. We’re always open to submissions.

    I don’t really think WP will ever be “done”. As php changes and new things become available hopefully there will always be upgrades going on.
    I greatly enjoyed using b2 it was a savior for me. I had used everything else and just as soon as sub-categories are added, I’m hitting that donate button!

    Couldn’t resist bumping this – sorry – how Object Orientated would you guys say WordPress(2.0) is now?

    What a bump…

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