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    I’ve seen a couple of web pages that mention you should set your page to https: and it will help with your ranking or speed.

    I’m curious if anyone can tell me if it truly helps with SEO and speed and your experience or a good write up on why.


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    Allegedly, Google prefers SSL in search rankings.

    It won’t speed anything up though, it’s for security, not speed.

    Most importantly, almost 70% of the web is under HTTPS now and it’s for security, and since getting a valid SSL certificate is free under most hosting providers (including our recommended ones ) there’s no reason _not_ to do it.

    Once you have a valid SSL certificate, follow this guide to set up WordPress under HTTPS:



    Boed1 – https matters. The amount that it matters is going to keep increasing, so ya gotta go there sooner or later – might as well be sooner.

    James – I am far from an expert on any of this so I might be way off base here … My understanding is when it comes to speed the question is not http vs. https but rather legacy HTTP vs. modern HTTP/2. HTTP/2 uses more efficient mechanisms for data streaming, and is much faster than HTTP. While there is no rule preventing plain text HTTP/2, browsers and other applications only support secure HTTP/2. So, in practice, https is faster.

    Moderator James Huff


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    You are correct if you go that far in depth, yes. 🙂

    My main point was more “the ‘s’ stands for security, not speed” in that regard.



    Thank you both for your replies. I’m moving my account off godaddy – they don’t offer free certs and frankly I wasn’t impressed with my site’s speed on their anyways – I was just being lazy.



    SSL features is one Google ranking factors. But SSL its not related with your web speed. Both of them its different the function, but related with search engine ranking factors.

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