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  • I want to start a wordpress blog and it is going to be about celebrities. How much bandwidth/transfer per month would it use if I had videos and photos?

    Alot of hosting companies give 2,000GB (2TB) per month of bandwidth but I don’t know if that would be enough if my blog was famous worldwide.

    How much bandwidth do u think or would use each month?
    I read that gets about 3.3 Million visitors per month and gets 5 million visits per month with 217 million page views per month. I also read YouTube uses about 1,000GB (1TB) per day.
    And would 1 dedicated server be enough to run perezhilton or tmz?

    I have looked at alot of hosting companies and some say they offer unlimited bandwidth but alot of forums say that is not true and the hosting companies are lying.

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  • Has your site launched yet?

    If not, start with any large hosting. If your site gets that popular, really, then you will have no problem shopping, switching host, & paying for as much bandwidth as you need.

    To calculate your approximate bandwidth, find the file size of your average video. Multiply it by how many people you expect to watch the videos.

    Videos would be probably the vast majority of your bandwidth if you have them. 1000’s of Web traffic clicks will use minimal bandwidth in comparison to just 1 video served just 100 times.

    You have to think that YouTube openly allows uploads and airs thousands of videos per day, from music to self-created. Not to mention there are scripts and programs to allow you to download the videos from YouTube, which further consumes their bandwidth.

    A website dedicated specifically to video is going to run through bandwidth quite a bit quicker than a website with a few videos here and there, images and content.

    It’s always best to start small and work your way up the ladder. There’s no reason to start with a dedicated server if the website hasn’t launched just yet. Upgrading is easy enough to where when the times comes, you can simply transfer your data from one host to another via SSH (if you have quite a bit of data, otherwise FTP).

    In regards to Disk Space and Bandwidth, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Period. End of Story. It’s not been available for the past 20 years, it’s not going to be available in the next 20 years :).

    Hard Drives will always be limited to certain storage quotas, even when in an array or spread across multiple servers. Bandwidth will always be limited as it is one of the largest costs a web hosting provider has to incur.

    The web hosting providers you refer to are typically shard web hosting providers, and there’s nothing wrong with that, however, you won’t be able to push 2,000GB (2TB) of bandwidth in a shared hosting environment. It’s not going to happen, simply put.

    To push 2TB of bandwidth on a shared server would not only bog the server down, but it would affect other clients, which the web hosting provider in questions isn’t going to let happen, so you’ll end up with your account suspended for excessive use.

    These $2 to $6 a month hosting companies offering the world for nothing and making promises of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and high-resource offers are doing nothing more than marketing to your natural way of thinking…”Bigger is Better” when it’s just the opposite.

    You’re going to be better off finding a reliable web hosting provider offering real, truly usable limits and paying a bit more. Trust me. If you value you’re website at all and plan on doing much of anything with it, you’ll need to invest, not go for the cheapest.

    Typically, 1GB of Disk Space and about 10-15GB’s of bandwidth from a truly reliable provider is going to run $5 to $10 a month. (Shared Hosting)

    video blog = lots of bw
    picture blog = kinda alot
    word blog = not much at all.

    When you get to the point of sustained world wide attention, you can afford more than two buck chuck hosting. Those are good for starters, and then move up to dedicated/memcache/something better.

    The amount of writing to the database (comments) is what can bog down a server, but that’s mostly a problem with forums and not blogs.

    My advice: Don’t worry about it. If you’re just curious, poke around the net for sitemeter sites that have public info. It’s just simple math of what’s your average page size, and how many pages do you expect to serve up a month. If you’re maxing out on one, minimize the other, or structure your biz plan to account for it. ie MORE GOOGLE ADS!!!!!*

    *Your site will not grow if you launch with google ads everywhere. That was sarcasm.

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