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    Hi all, I spend alot of time on a site called ( a very important site i might add). Im using suffusion on a few sites ive made since learning wordpress.

    Im trying to do something similar with a site im designing for environmental stuff. I love the layout.

    Can anyone tell me how I do the following things?

    1. The home page slider here– is this a custom build? ( to have the running descriptions on the left, as it cycles through- so people can choose instead of waiting for all pics to appear.

    2. How does one get a layout like the mountain hero page here.
    Is this built using custom plugins etc? Specifually the way the info boxes are layed out around the main column, the way they sit perfectly and there’s no widget outlines or anything… and how the filter works and appears when you click any of the options.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated on how I could achieve this, aside from trying to hire a pro, as ive very little cash.
    Also, how much would a design like that cost if Idid have to pay for it?

    Thanks all

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