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  • So 2 weeks ago I changed one of my sites over to a paid subscription site with a set of custom plugins.

    Users first sign up for a wordpress account on my site and then pay for their subscription. Its working great!

    My only question is how many users can WordPress handle before it starts to get bogged down. I already have 205 paid subscribers growing at 10-20 new users a day.

    Also, I noticed that some people are creating accounts but not signing up for a subscription. Is there a tool I can use to track user’s last login…. I want to be able to prune my users like in IPB… For instance, remove all non-paid accounts that have not been accessed in 30 days.


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  • Yes, does anyone know the answer to this.

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    Can anyone answer this? My guess is that I will start to have MySQL issues around 1K users.

    My guess is “virtually unlimited” and “depends on how much traffic your server can handle”. Also, WP saying “bring it on”. I bet there is a finite cap somewhere but it’s not 1000 users, or even a hundred times that many.

    There are lots of other threads about this from over the years. Here’s a recent one,

    And this awesome quote by NC @ WP

    The largest WordPress site I know of is You can take a look at its statistics here. On an average day,

    * over 8,000 new users sign up,
    * 700 or so existing user close their accounts,
    * existing users publish about 120,000 posts and 45,000 pages, and
    * the number of unique page views is in the neighborhood of 25 million…

    Good luck with your site. It sounds phenomenally successful already if people are sending you $


    Thanks for all the info, I figured I would start to have backed problems before WordPress it self. Between yesterday morning and now I got another 60 registrations, 29 of which registered for monthly(19) and trial(10) subscriptions.

    I thought about building my own CMS for this site but now I am sooooo glad I went with WordPress lol. Its much easier and I was able to convert a lot of my code into custom plugins easily.

    However I dont think its fare to compare a shared hosted website to…. I remember reading an article about some beefy hardware they have to handle all the requests. The reason I actually changed over to subscriptions was because the free service model just was not supporting the 15TB of bandwidth every month. The site is only 3 months old so there is no real ad revenue to support itself but these subscriptions are cash money right now… I read about how people are spending their economic stimulus package on adult entertainment so I figured what the hell lol… Prices have already gone up 3 times (while I do keep it pretty fair) and people aren’t batting an eye.

    Adult web site?
    COR – come on tell us the url!

    Number of users can be as much as the database can handle, the important thing is how many people are actually using the site at the peak time and whether a server can handle that number.

    <edit> Dank think I just found your site I think SMM, no dirty pictures so me not signing up GRRR!

    ? My site is streaming videos and what not…. trust me, there are pics all over. I have thumbnail series for all of my vids as previews.

    Damn wrong site – this is getting to intriguing – a dirty site I cant find – and I thought I knew them all.

    lol, I have a very targeted niche. I am doing quite well with it. This is the fastest growing project I have ever had… In three months I am averaging 6 million hits with 100,000 unique users.

    Guess it was only a matter of time until the hard work paid off.

    Congrats again. If you do well with free WP please consider throwing a little money back at the volunteer plugin & theme developers. Or releasing some of your custom plugins if they are generally applicable.

    About NC @ WP’s decision to compare — it’s running WordPress. Yes they have beefy servers, and when your website gets as popular as them 🙂 you’ll have to get beefy servers too. The point is WordPress does not cough about the # of users. The server might hiccup but that’s cured with a higher capacity server.

    Personally, this is totally armchair quarterbacking since I don’t know how you do it, but from your description, the thing I would watch is the plugin (?) managing subscriptions. For example make sure your method is compatible with the next WP before upgrading, because you need the subscriptions to continue functioning transparently for those who paid.

    Ahh yes, compatibility was one of my big fears. I developed the site on WordPress 2.5 and when I upgraded everything was fine. I keep track of all the subscriptions using wp_meta options so I think I will have to be careful with future upgrades… I also have full backups emailed to my home account every hour.

    Other than that most of my stuff is stand alone code I put into plugin format to make things easier. I am looking in to procuring a stand alone server, hopefully on Media Temple’s dedicated-virtual systems. They are a nit pricey for full dedicated boxes but I have heard great things about their (gv) service.

    Other than that issues are at a minimum. We are at 400 users now with 190 + paid subscribers. Right now I am just focusing on keeping customers happy, adding content, and pushing revenue. lol I tried to sign up for Woopra to get some better stats (Analytics and AWstats is lame) but apparently they cant handle my 6,000,000 + pageviews a month while in beta 😛



    I’m glad I found this post, I used wordpress as my portal site for my plugin and it requires user registration to access their comment stats and click tracking and I didn’t want it to trip. I do the same as you SMMGuru and make all the custom code work as plugins or use AJAX.

    what system do you use for contacting the subscribers? do you use a plugin or export to a different emailing script?

    my server and plugin code is being access around 1 million times a week now and my semi-dedicated server from is handling it just fine. They have excellent customer service and technical support who manage the server for you and are happy to make changes. they’re cheap too!

    good luck with your paid subscriptions, I don’t know if I’ll go that route yet but it’s nice to know it’s possible on a wordpress blog.

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