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    I just installed the Glossary plugin and it looks very interesting.

    But I have the following questions, before I buy it:

    1. How many terms can this Glossary contain or manage? Is there a limit in the number of terms? What is the favor with the purchased versions of it?

    2. How can this Glossary index words starting with Ç and Ë? Because I typed words of this nature, and Ë was indexed under E and Ç under C. What can I (or you) do to make this possible?

    3. I tried to translate this plugin into Albanian language, but I could not locate the main language files. Where is the main language files located, which can change the language in the Admin interface?

    Many Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,


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  • Plugin Author Eugenio Petulla’


    Hello acokaj,
    thank you for the time you dedicated to our piece of code 🙂

    1. We really don’t know, personally I’ve tested it with a lot of terms (something like 10.000) and the results were amazing, everything runs smooth. We use Query Monitor in order to do performances tests but I have to say that I’m on a vps server so results may vary from hosting to hosting, if you are on a quite good one I think you can easily try and report to us if you have some sort of performance issue! We are very curious about it! 🙂

    2. We are improving also specific language matching but it’s hard with all the alphabets that exists nowdays, so we are tring to work close to our customer in order to get more accurate feedback about their native language. If you want to report a bug on this maybe it’s better to open a new one so we can discuss on the implementation.

    3. For the free version of the plugin it’s quite easy, you can directly go on translate WordPress website and you can do it from there! Here is the link already set up for contributing on albanian translation:

    The Pro version has some features like case sensitive matching, more tooltip templates and a customizer, Pro shortcodes and widgets, plus there is direct support and customer care. You can find more info on the dedicated website:

    P.s. we really love Albania and we are involved in OSCAL Tirana almost every year! 🙂

    Thank you iGenius (@igenius) for your answer.

    I am thinking to use the Glossary plug in to build a Albanian-Albanian Dictionary online, and there are aprox. 82.000 terms, minimally, which should be there. Let’s see. Do you have any suggestions for sth. better in my case? 🙂
    Until now it is working fine, but I have used only a couple of words…

    I thought you may have not used UTF8 at your Glossary plugins languages, and therefore this letter Ç is not showing there at the Alphabetic Taksonomia. Ë is showing there, I just tasted the first letter there today, to see if it works.

    In fact, I was looking to find a theme or a plugin, which can help me to create this Albanian Dictionary online, and I saw your plugin there, and it satisfied my needs, to begin with. If I can put ca. 82.000 terms on a MySQL database with help of your plugin, I’ll buy your Pro version for sure, and use it in the future, too.

    Do you have any idea, how can I import terms from a text file or else to the Glossary database? Or this can only be done with the Pro version?

    I am very satisfied to hear that you are also doing something in Albania… Keep doing a good job here! Albania needs it and your help, too! 🙂

    I’ll check later the language and other links, you sent to me. If you’d like to have a look to my web page, where I have used your plugin, please feel free and have as look at the following address:

    It’s almost all in Albanian… 🙂
    I wish to see other good products from you, too.

    Best Regards


    Plugin Author Eugenio Petulla’


    I think you can try to import the terms using WP All Import plugin ( , the only think you have to do is just to separate the items and create a properly CSV file. After done this you can import your text file into WordPress but 82.000 seems to be a lot of terms in order to perfrom a good import so maybe is better than you split the file in more small chunks or your server will be dead soon! 😉

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