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  • Hi,

    I know this question depends on a lot of things, but I got a site with about 500 visitors and around 800 pageviews, nothing crazy. I do have W3 Total Cache installed and using Amazon S3 as CDN. But today my host told me my site used around 65-70 PHP processes, so they disabled my site for a while.

    I have been looking at the CPU usage (shared hosting) all day, it does spike sometimes (700-1000 %) but it also happens when there’s no visitors or my site.

    So is 65-70 PHP processes way to many for a site my size or is it my host that got too many accounts on the server I’m on ?

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  • You mentioned visitors and pageviews, but not if that’s per-day or ???

    In any event, 65-70 processes on an “ordinary” Web site sounds high. I have 35,000 pageviews a day and all processes total 40-55, which includes httpd, perl, mysqld, sendmail, and other lower level processes. I’ve hit 75 processes rarely, when my site is mentioned by some other Web site. Even then, most of those are “sleeping” processes that take up 0% CPU. I wonder if something else is occurring other than just serving pages from your site?

    Hi Ifoman,

    Thanks for that detailed reply 🙂

    I only have wordpress running on my domain, so no other scripts or anything.

    And the visitors were pr. day.

    Is there any way I can list what kind of PHP processes there’s running, like what scripts maybe ?

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