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    I am curious as to how many people use Apple computers and the ones that do what model / configuration do you use?

    I have been using a friends iMac 20inch and found it to be a heck of a nice machine and was thinking of making the change over. Getting tired of constantly have to add virus , firewall, malware and other assorted packages, gets very costly over time.

    I am looking at the 24inc with max processor, max video ram and 2 gigs of ram.

    Any and all suggestions , opinions, appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • peteandersen


    I have an iMac 20″ Intel 2.0 with 2 GB ram og BT keyboard and mouse. It’s the best computer ever had, and it looks good on the desk too.

    It haven’t been shut down for weeks now (it just go to sleep when I do (and wake up when I do)). It newer crashes, dosn’t get seek (virus, addware, malware etc or other shit) and it communicates well with WindowsPC’s. Well what could I say more. I just love my iMac.

    And it works well with Word Press or other CMS systems like Typo3, Mambo etc.

    Go get one now…

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    I’m occassionally forced to use various Macs at work. I hate the things. I much prefer Windows/Linux. Those OS’s let me get stuff done, while the Mac OS just gets in the way of getting stuff done, IMO.

    Not trying to rain on the Apple love or anything, just offering an alternative viewpoint. I use them, but don’t like them. YMMV, of course, but Apple could not pay me enough to want one of those.

    On the other hand, I think my iPod is the greatest thing ever. 🙂



    *snicker* Nice post Otto…. now, I wouldn’t mind having an iBook to play with, but they’re prohibitively expensive. I love to play with tech, but I doubt I’d use it for “work”…. for some of the same reasons you give.

    I don’t need an iPod. I have

    And this relates to WordPress how?



    I’m a Mac/PC tech support for my campus. I got a bunch of our new Macs (the Intel chips) for my clients and other people around campus (some were Mac users already and others were ready to make the switch because of Boot Camp) and I rarely ever get any complaints. My work provides me a 15″ MacBook Pro which I use to do all my coding and what not for websites and what not. With being able to use Boot Camp to run Windows (and Parallels and VMWare) it would be a great time to switch. I have always loved the design of a Mac and its functionality.

    I was a pure PC user before until I started really using the Mac and began to really like the features and functions.



    lol , this is what i was wondering 🙂 , maybe a new category should be added in worpress support for general chat ? (o’.’o)



    It doesn’t really, as I’m sure we all know. Any mod can close it of course.



    I make my living with my Macs and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a G4 TiBook with 250 megs of ram and a new 20 inch iMac G5 with 2 gigs of ram and 1terrabyte of externals connected. Both are workhorses. I’ve been doing pre-press production full time on the TiBook since 2002 and have now relegated it to doing System 9 tasks. I keep them both running all the time. I haven’t locked up since May of 2004. I can’t say that about the PCs I have to work on when I go onsite for my clients.

    I think the comment about the operating system getting in the way depends on your point of view. If you’re a PC person it seems strange and unusual. But as a Mac person, when I work on a PC my productivity takes a real nose dive.



    I sincerely apologize for posting this question if it was wrong in any way. This is a wordpress>miscellaneous forum so I did not see the harm in asking my question, seeing that I am switching from a PC to Apple “iMac” later this week I thought it would be good to know information ahead of time regarding any issues.

    Thank you to all that replied, and if there’s anything more either post here, unless they take this off.


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a mac fan as you’ll ever meet. It’s simply a case of at what point do misc. issues infringe on the nature of this forum, which is WP support. To that end, know it’s quite easy to set up a local install of WP on your mac. I’d also suggest looking at some of the tools available from the open source community for your blogging and web needs. I’m sure a search of the forums for Mac text editor, FTP will return several threads discussing what’s out there.
    Also, I’d start doing some reading on using the included APP Garage Band for podcasting, and you could even use the inlcuded iMovie for doing some Vlogging if you were so inclined.
    Also know there’s a slight bug in Safari that prevents the quick tags (not sure about rich text editor) from working and are disabled for Safari, so if you need those functions, you’ll want to use FireFox or Camino to blog.

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