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  • whats up everybody?

    You should all know, i know what i am doing and good with all this (coding, websites, wordpress etc etc) But this is just a general question or inquiry i have been thinking about or on my mind.

    What do you all think or know would be best to do. How many categories should you put a single post in, Mainly for it to be the absolute best for SEO reasons and such.

    More or less ?? Just 1 category or like 4 or 5 etc etc.. (as long as in same topic or field of topic of course but)

    Whats best you think ??

    You would think kinda the more the better as it would be able to be found better or in more ways, but.. all though search engines dont like to much of the same listed as well all know sometimes.. etc etc.. So it’s like damn’d if you do and damn’d if you dont.. kinda thing it seems.

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  • For SEO, it doesn’t matter. It’s really more for your site architecture. I only have 1 category per post, then I use tags for specific items.

    How do you figure it doesn’t matter ? It matters. Unless you are miss understanding me or my question and statement here.

    Not only am i referring to the posts and the number of categories assigned to it but also the Permalinks. as that is all what will be pulled up in SEO and search engines depending on what the visitor types into them per what the find it under and how many times search robots see that same post name or URL etc etc….

    No what i am trying to say now ??

    Like example if i had a category named computer. Then had 3 subs named, vista, win 7, and xp. Then had a keyboard shortcut post. And had that post in all three of those categories. With the same post name of course but would show up under a permalink structure of

    etc etc…..

    then sometimes even showing messed up like this (even when try to straighten out) but.. yeah.

    So basically getting pulled so many times from different places.. Like as i said seem it would be kinda good to a certain point cause more spots to find it on site and from search quires. But all tho SEO and search engines do not like have the same thing over and over again with the same name and will not pull them right or collect them in the first place and goes right by them and such.

    That’s why i am asking this to see what really is the best way to do it with word press and how many per. I read the category so called tutorial docs here but.. doesn’t really say any of this indepth stuff like this about it nor even about how many is a like decent or default standards from wordpress to put how many in what or each and so forth.

    and leave without the computer part of the URL (or category part of url) .. etc..

    You could probably ask 3 people this question and get 3 different answers, but I’d say just use one category myself, unless it’s really necessary / useful for visitors if you list it in more.

    Google seems to have become much better at just showing the most relevant page from a site where duplicate content exists, so I think duplicate content is perhaps not quite the hot potato it was 18 months ago, but there’s no harm in giving a helping hand to them and all the other search engines where possible imho.

    You might want to try asking on an SEO forum where you’d probably receive a wider range of replies – as you say, it’s SEO rather than a WordPress specific question.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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