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  1. vangsterboy
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm looking to host a blogging site and was wondering how many account can WordPress handle.


    So, I host a site that allows users to become members. They can then create a blog of their own. Kind of like wordpress.com where they have their own address (myblog.BigBlog.com, example).

    How many of these account can WordPress handle?

  2. You want wordpress MultiSite then :) Which is built into WordPress 3.0, aren't you lucky?

    First, I think the limit is 32000 sub-blogs, but I might be wrong.

    Second, you're going to want a VPS for your webhost, at MINIMUM. Hosting multiple sites is ... beefy, to say the least. And if the traffic picks up, you'll need more.

  3. First, I think the limit is 32000 sub-blogs, but I might be wrong.

    That's not a WP limit. :) It refers to the amount of subfolders Linux will tolerate in a subfolder - specifically when MySQL makes a file for each table in one db. *fuzzy here*

    ANYWAY! That can be solved by scaling.

    The software you have right now powers WordPress.com. They have how many million blogs? ;)

    The only limit is financial, like I said in the other thread.

    And what Ipstenu said. You need the chops to run it. WordPress gives you all the software you need to be their competition. All you provide is the hardware & knowledge to turn it.

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