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    Just a quick question: if I have the blog set to show only one post at a time, how long will that post stay visible? For example, I used to have a Moveable Type blog. It was set to archive posts after 10 days. So if post was on the front page for 11 days, it would disappear into the archives and be removed from the main page.

    I was wondering if WordPress had the same default, *or* if a post was made, it would stay indefinitely until a newer one knocked it off/replaced it?

    If it *does* disappear after a while, is there a way I can make it stay until a new entry is made to replace it?

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  • Girl, you’re thinking TOO hard. 🙂

    Options -> Reading

    Top option “Show at Most”. Set a number and adjust between posts and days.

    adhesive plugin from – and I haven’t a clue about the “age-out” process, sorry!

    There is no “age-out” process in WP, AFAIK,
    If no new post – it will stay there forever 🙂

    If no new post – it will stay there forever 🙂

    That’s true, I haven’t really posted to my blog in almost a half a month, and that last post I had made..had been there since lol.

    Well, usually I just bring old ones back up to the front page.. by adjusting the date.. but ya know.. I’m lazy like that.. hahaha.


    (Well, just recently I bumped up an older thread to the front, but, generally.. when I don’t do that, the last post made stays there for a great length of time.)

    Yes! I am *so* glad to hear that. Thanks so much!

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