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  • I know that I probably can’t get a good answer to this becuase if you are an iPhone developer you are under an NDA but I know for sure that I would love a native WordPress iPhone app, something like the TypePad one they demo’d at WWDC.

    I’m sure others feel the same way, anyone have any clues if one will be released in July with the App Store?

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    I was talking about creating a native iPhone application, i.e. with the iPhone SDK, that is not a web app.

    I 2nd this. I would love a native iPhone app that plugs into the camera api and perhaps location aware for location tagging posts, that would be great!

    At the moment, im even thinking of moving to typepad as it looks like they are doing some cool stuff, but I would love it if I could stick with wordpress and do it on my own server!

    The makers of typePad are already doing something along these lines.. It would be nice to have.. I’m pondering it now and am playing with the iphone sdk, but I make no promises. I’m somewhat new to xcode..

    According to here, WordPress is working on it 🙂 yay!

    This should be awesome. I would assume that it will make use of starting and saving drafts offline, for that those of us with an iPod Touch that may not always be connected to the net. I would also hope that it will make use of the landscape keyboard, as none of the other native apps besides Safari use it, and this is essential for mobile blogging double thumb typing.

    yea I can’t wait for this!

    it’s almost there 😀

    That almost was more than a week ago :(…

    WordPress, any news? give us an update

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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