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    Great RSS feed tool. I really like it. I´m though wondering about settings, that is how long should I keep the RSS feeds before I delete them. I have it currently set to two days but it is coming up as errors on Google Webmaster 404 error when it is deleted.

    So i´m thinking, how long should I store the feeds before deleting and also are these 404 errors affecting my SEO and Google Impressions?

    This is my page, you can see the feeds there under the news section.

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  • Hi Bluebox,
    I have the same question, any ideas?

    No idea. I have extended the deletion from two days to four. I’m still getting a lot of Google Webmaster errors on the deleted links.

    any ideas Allen

    Plugin Author Allen


    give me an example of an RSS URL feed where this is happening.

    Hi Allen.

    First of all, love your plugin. The question here is not if there is anything wrong with the plugin, but rather a recommendation for a setting.

    I have a website and as of this morning i have 330 webmaster errors on Google for “Page not found”. Google is indexing the RSS posts, but I’m setting the posts to be deleted in four days. I’m taking in a fair number of feeds “current news” and they become obsolete quickly.

    So I’m thinking if I’m deleting the feeds too soon, or perhaps I will always have this problem if I’m deleting the feeds instead of archiving? And what is the impact on my Google Ranking? That is, do Webmaster page errors affect the ranking or not?

    Plugin Author Allen


    Not sure about the ranking on google, but it might be better if the items weren’t totally deleted but just sat in the trash (right now, it permanently deletes the item). This is something I can look into later today. In the meantime, I’d turn off the option to delete the posts after a certain amount of time.

    Yes it will affect your SEO you need to either set them as pending or use a plugin such as 404 Redirection which will mask deletions from Google.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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