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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If nobody is visiting the blog or using it, then the cron job never fires and, yes, nothing will happen. It doesn’t run on a timer, it runs based on activity on the site.

    If you’re not actively using a website, then the site isn’t running. You can wait as long as you want, nothing will happen when you’re not using the site.



    I’m using it, still nothing.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The plugin is also dependent upon wp-cron being functional on your site. The wp-cron system powers a lot of WordPress, such as the scheduled posts functionality. If your server isn’t working with wp-cron, then the importer won’t work either.

    I am also having the same problem, nothing is happening… I saw the last post about wp-cron, that is all well and good and may be the case but more importantly, as the author, what is your solution to this problem?

    Same here!

    Wp-cron is set as ‘true’ in my wp-config file, maintenance mode is off and I tried restarting the plugin a bunch of times.

    No results, it just hangs there “in progress”

    This is a site for a client, I’m getting nowhere…

    Whilst Samuel’s response is terse, it does set us on the right track for troubleshooting and trying to find a workaround.

    I can’t set up cron tasks natively on my website and, of course, I have very low traffic, so my import status is still at zero percent (dearie me).

    Thing is, I’ve done a few refreshes on the blog page, but I still see the import as being at zero. Shouldn’t those refreshes have caused wp-cron to run and, you know, trigger stuff..? Shouldn’t I at least have one item imported?

    [Edit: It looks like the thing that needs troubleshooting/further documenting is wp-cron behaviour. I intend to read up on this a bit more and come up with a solution for persons who cannot set up native cron on their sites and who have low bandwidth. Will post solution if I find one!]

    ….. as promised, I am returning with results.

    I have now seen the numerous patient and detailed responses from Otto on various threads on this topic around the forums, over the past year or so; I can understand now the shortness of his response on this thread and the lack of follow up since…

    I just found this note:
    I am indeed on That’s me pretty much buggered.

    For the benefit of this thread, I would point readers to the following which is a summary of how wp-cron.php goes about its business, and why it does not work on certain setups:

    I’ll add the following for the curious:

    1) I was trying to import 2 blogs. 1 of them imported, after hours of waiting. Why that is, I do not know, but it may have been to do with me actually adding a script recron.php on my site, that just does include('wp-cron.php'), and then calling it from the browser. I forgot to check the import status before I did this. D’oh.

    2) After that, since the second blog showed no sign of progress, I setup a cron on my own laptop, to wget but to no avail.

    I’ll try pointing the cron at recron.php in the hopes that at least my tumblrs will import… Or, I’ll have a go at adding an AJAX call for wp-cron.php to my WordPress index.php

    I won’t return to this thread beyond this, as it is clear I’m on a troublesome host for WordPress…

    Ugh, why can’t wordpress just imitate their Mobile App after Tumblr’s? Losing hope on the development for the WordPress App. It’s pretty much useless, while Tumblr is rocking and rolling! :/

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