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    I’ve used this plugin in the past and it always works flawlessly. This time I am working on a site that has a huge database ( I think, I can’t directly access it right now. ) . The migration always took a few minutes to complete. This time, for this new big site, it has already taken over an hour.

    How do I know when something has gone wrong? Is this kind of time unusual? Is there a way to stop it and start over without breaking something if I need to?

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  • Currently the plugin will export and process the DB until it’s done.

    You could possibly check if something has gone wrong by examining the DB dump file while it’s being written to on the file system. If at any time the file size stops increasing, it’s likely that a problem occurred.

    You might also want to check that it’s not stuck in a loop and rewriting the same data over and over again to the dump file (unlikely).

    It’s not outside the realm of possibly that a migration would take over an hour but it’s extremely unlikely.

    You can stop the migration at any time by simply refreshing the page, it won’t break anything important, only the dump file.

    We’re currently in the process of overhauling the plugin a little to provide more detailed migration progress and better error handling.

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