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  • Hello forum. I’m looking for help with my wife’s business website, which I manage:

    For the past month, we’ve been having intermittent 502 errors – Hosting Server Read Timeout. Screenshot here:

    This error will happen one minute, and the next refresh it’s cleared. Also, sometimes the site takes so long to load that it just hangs up. This happens on both the public facing site as well as when accessing the WordPress Dashboard.

    I monitor analytics constantly and there’s no increase in visitors/activity. We only get between 50 and 150 visitors a day. This error has happened when there are no other online users aside from me (like an hour ago at 5 AM).

    I’ve checked multiple times with our host to see if there’s a problem with our server, and they said there isn’t. They said it’s a resource issue.

    An hour ago I disabled two plugins, one of which I was using to block many countries that were sending hacking attempts (we’re a local retail business so blocking them made sense). This seemed like the probably issue since over time I’ve blocked about 70 countries.

    Deactivating that plugin (and clearing cache) seemed to make the site load faster at first, but I’ve still seen the error a few times (out of dozens of test visits) in the past hour.

    The issue is frustrating because it’s intermittent. The Dashboard will load quickly one minute, but when I click on a menu item it will hang up or get the error. The same happens with the page – the main site will load but I’ll click on a menu item and the error appears.

    I may have more questions, but the first is this:

    If my plugin was causing resource issues with my site hosting, should I see that issue resolved as soon as I disable(d) it? (which I’m not) – or will it take time to free up resources and resolve?

    Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sorry, one more question: Do plugins load when I’m visiting my WordPress Dashboard?

    If the answer is no, I’m assuming that means if I’m getting the 503 Server Read Timeout Error when trying to visit my dashboard, then the issue can’t be plugin-related.

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