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    In version 1.4.4, we have made all strings translatable(Internationalization (i18n )), in earlier versions, it was only the front end texts are translatable .
    The localization methods is little different from other plugins, as our plugin using JavaScript for developing back end interface.

    So the translation template consists of two files, one for the PHP part , and one for the JavaScript . Which can find under the folder languages inside the plugin folder

    The .pot file which contains the PHP files texts which can be translated as you doing other WordPress plugins, using tools PoEdit or LocoTranlate
    Inside the languages folder you can find another file with extensions .json (booking-for-woocommerce-en_US-mvvwb-admin.json) .
    This is the translation template file for Back-end UI interfaces.
    You can copy this json file to a folder /wp-content/languages/
    and rename the file by changing the language code (en_US) to your language code.
    For eg, You want to translate to Spanish, the file name will be booking-for-woocommerce-es_ES-mvvwb-admin.json
    Now you can edit this json file and add your translations. You can use any json editing tools for this purpose, even a simple text editor will be enough normally.

    Apart from all this, WordPress Plugin repository is providing option to translate all this at . But it might take much time to get completed and approved, Though, Your contributions will be helpful for every one

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    We have no such plan to provide customization option for datepicker. All it can be styled using custom css. Dont edit the plugin css directly, as it will overwrite when updates. Better to add the styles in Additional CSS are provide by WordpPress

    Ok, thank you again! Awesome support!

    There are some string missing.

    Print 1:

    Print 2:

    Print 3:

    I think “days” have to be with “%s” but no option to change.


    cool! submitted some translations too!

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    @andregouveia , Thanks for reporting it. We will correct it in next release.

    Can you put the option to choose 24h time format?

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    @magneticdud We have released a new update.We have added the missing strings also. Now we have two json files, You have to copy both to languages folder and translate. The new one (mvvwb-productMeta.json) is for the texts in product edit window. 

    @andregouveia Yea, now you can change the datepicker format to 24 hours. You just add below code in functions.php in your theme

    function mvvwb_config_filter($settings)
       $settings['conf']['timePickerFormat'] = 24;
        return $settings;
    add_filter('mvvwb_config_filter', 'mvvwb_config_filter', 10, 1);

    Thanks for the fast fix 😀

    Now I have a really detailed question just to know if the plugin can do all the things right. Create a new topic or put right here?

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    @andregouveia create a new thread. This thread is for translation queries.

    @mvvapps I have tried to use the function for changing the timepicker format (the reply to andregouveia ) to , but it doesn’t work. Have you changed the function since then?

    Hi MVV Apps team.

    It seems that in the premium version of your very good plugin you have overlooked one string on your page


    as my customer gets the error message

    “Sorry, {product name} is not available on date {date}. Please edit your cart and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

    I did not find any way to replace this with a German version.

    The correct German (informal) translation for the error message above would be

    “Ups! {product name} ist für die angegebene Zeit- und Datumswahl am {date} nicht mehr verfügbar. Bitte bearbeite Deinen Warenkorb und versuche es noch einmal. Bitte entschuldige die Unannehmlichkeit.”

    It would be great if you could add a field to translate this string in the next version.

    Kind regards!

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    @mvvapps I have too tried to use the function for changing the timepicker format (the reply to andregouveia ) to , but it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

    1. How to remove / hide this text?
    2. Or How to change the date to 24h and delate selected text (time)?

    Is possible delate the end time/date?
    Please help..

    Hello, how are you? I am unable to translate the backend. I did the steps you suggested above but nothing happens. Where can I be wrong?

    (Brazilian Portuguese)

    File name:

    I tried these folders:

    Example of editing the file:

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