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  • Tevya


    Hi, I’m looking into the feasibility of moving a store away from osCommerce. I’d prefer to use WPEC as the new solution, however I’m concerned about size of the store. The store currently has 107,197 products in it, and I’m wondering if WPEC can handle that?

    I’ve heard that when WP databases get large, the site tends to slow down, and I’m just curious if anyone’s actually run a store anywhere near this size (even just in testing)? If so, did you do anything special in the server/WP setup, or anything like that? Thanks.

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  • Hi Tevya,
    don’t know why WP should be slowlier than osC. They are using the same environment. Moreover the community behind WP is bigger. So… if there are any other reasons, which are slowing down WP, there are thousands of users, who can help.

    Btw. most of the time the host can help you with a better server.
    I just wonder why there is no good solution for you. The osC plugin development for WP seems dead and it would be so logic to bring together WP and osC.

    With such a big shop it shoult be easy for you to find a plugin programmer, who develops an osC plugin for WP. You can get famous on WP and perhaps the WP-Users buy a few of your 100.000 products.

    btw. what’s the name of your shop?



    chris1, Thanks for the reply. That all makes sense. It think osC is dying with a shrinking userbase. So even a WP plugin seems a little pointless. A move to WPEC which has a constantly growing userbase seems like a much better option.

    I looked into it more, and I think you’re right, the only way osC could be any better is if it somehow organizes or otherwise handles it’s database better than WP. So mostly it’s just ensuring the server’s up to the job, and maybe implementing some kind of automated database cleanup and optimization.

    It’s actually a potential client’s shop, so I can’t really say anything until/if I get the project. But if I do have custom work done, to help with the conversion, I’d be happy to make it publicly available so those osC users can easily move to WP/WPEC!

    1.2 million downloads of WPEC are really an argument.
    Good luck 🙂

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Should definitely be possible. WPEC is just using custom post types for products, so if you can have a blog with 100K posts, you can have a store with 100K products. Just make sure you have a solid host, a good caching mechanism (Probably APC for the server and something like W3 Total Cache for the front-end), and probably a good CDN as well. With all that, you should be set.

    Full disclosure: I’m a core committer to the WPEC project, so I’m a bit biased in its favor 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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