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  • Works like a charm. It creates its own taxonomy and doesn’t share the same category pool than posts πŸ‘

    Please keep it this simple and doesn’t add any fancy features like in so much other plugins.

    Edit: Actually i have spotted the added navigation item right now … sorry thats totally unnecessary for a plugin like that.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by GDY.
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  • Plugin Author wpmedialibrary


    Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the Plugin’s navigation item? If so, where would this be better placed for access to settings?

    Just a random here who dropped in to see if the 2 star review was warranted.

    So @grandy liked, but downvoted to 2 stars bcoz he didn’t like where a button was placed. That is not just unwarranted, but downright mean spirited.
    @grandy : the scrooge of WP reviews 😐

    Plugin Author wpmedialibrary


    @reelism Thanks for taking the time to check the review. We’re always happy when users give their honest feedback, as it helps improve our product!

    Based on this, and other user feedback, we’re planning on moving the navigation menu item in the WordPress Administration interface under e.g. Settings, to avoid cluttering the UI πŸ™‚

    @reelism Actually it wasn’t meant to be mean at all. A review is a representation of a users subjective opinion of something … and i decided to rather code my own solution or look for an alternative than using this plugin … heres why:

    Many plugins create very flippantly (don’t know if this is the best word for that) top level admin menu items even though many of those settings would be better placed as sub menu item under settings or even as section inside existing settings menu items … Thats absolutely ok if the plugin is very big like for example WooCommerce … but for features as small as adding media categories i don’t expect a top level menu item to be added. That just leads to a total overloaded admin and is absolutely uneccesary.

    I actually dislike this so much that i thought about giving only one star but after all the plugin does what its states so that would have been a bit harsh.

    A 3 stars review means – at least for me – that it does what you would expect, nothing good nothing bad … so 2 stars seems reasonable for me in this case.

    @grandy I think you’ve just confirmed my, and your, sentiments in regards to your review of this open source, free plugin precisely.

    @reelism Well then … glad i could help πŸ˜‰

    @gdy Very poor review IMO you’re knocking off 3 stars because the plugin author decided to have a nav item? That looks to me like an emotional review rather than an objective one; i.e. it just angered you. The nav item is purposeful and well-executed. I’m using Adminimize to hide it when I present the site to my client.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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