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  • How is wordpress more powerful compared to Joomla and Drupal on following aspects

    1. Content SEO
    2. Usability
    3. Modules/Plugins
    4. Support
    5. Updates

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  • It’s not more or better. It’s different. Joomla and Drupal bring entirely different feature sets to the table. You’d do best to go to a site that has demo versions of all of these so you can poke around and see what’s a better fit for you.

    Asking that kind of question here is just gonna get you a slanted view of WP. Which is understandable. Ditto for the Joomla and Drupal forums. So you’re going to get three different answers depending on which camp you ask.

    If you’re willing to do some digging, just do some searches on all three forums to see what pervasive problems each has, the overall climate of the forum. Search for each of the features you list in your original post. Just do some homework.

    I agree with jonimueller. I looked into these alternatives a little, but never having used them, all I can offer is my opinion from my research… Joomla and Drupal both seem to have a higher learning curve both in terms of installation and configuration. But they also have plusses and minuses in terms of features.

    The other CMS software I looked into was “Expression Engine,” which is a commercial application. (I think it’s something like $250 per installation.) That seemed to have a lot of very nice features, but one of the main things that is appealing about it is that it supposedly has excellent customer service and support. If you are willing to spend money, you may also want to check them out.

    If you visit the support forums of all of those CMSs, as jonimueller suggests, do a search for WordPress and you will find threads that compare the various features and shortcomings by people who have used both.

    We have tried using Expression Engine but not happy with same, its completely different compared to rest of the software scripts available in market.

    I have been using all three, but most of my developing history is achieved with WP. I would say that the CMS you know the best is the right for you. Most important thing is the ability to customize the CMS for your own (or your customers) needs.

    For me, WP offers the best combination of customizability, ease of use and features.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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